About the Jewelry

Sela Designs Handmade Jewelry tassel necklace


Modern, yet timeless jewelry inspired by nature and designed for everyday wear. Every piece of jewelry is handmade, mostly using eco-friendly tagua nuts, fiber and metal. Pieces are made in small batches, ensuring attention to quality and detail.

Design, Sourcing & Production

Pieces are all designed by Ashleigh Becker. She loves pieces that can be worn with a variety of styles from jeans and a tee to a cocktail dress. She loves working with tagua because it is a natural material, hand shaped and dyed by artisans in South America.

Tagua is light weight, similar in consistency to ivory, easy to wear and versatile, not to mention an easy conversation pieces that offers a fascinating story to tell. Tagua is ethically produced and eco-friendly, providing a sustainable industry to so many artisans.

tagua nut jewelry

Metals pieces including chains, wire, clasps and findings are purchased from a company that manufactures in Europe, providing high quality products and labor standards. Brass and silver accent pieces are purchased from a retailer in Canada.

We strive to buy materials that are ethically sourced and manufactured. The supply chain matters, people matter, and we want to source materials that allow for safe working conditions and living wages.

sela designs handmade jewelry behind the scenes

All jewelry is made in our studio in Manitowoc, WI. Every piece is designed by Ashleigh and made by a small team of women who want to change the world.

Product Care Instructions

tagua seed jewelry


Tagua and other forest seeds are very durable, but not waterproof. Water can cause the beads to crack or warp.

To keep your tagua nut jewelry beautiful do not submerse it in water. Allow lotions, perfumes and other liquids to dry before putting on your tagua jewelry. 

You can use natural wax such as beeswax to hand polish and buff tagua beads to a beautiful shine. Typically this can be done once per year or when you feel it is needed. 

The Kara Earrings


Brass pieces have been sealed with a natural sealant. Over time brass does oxidize and develop a natural patina. The sealant slows this process to keep your brass shiny longer. You can gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth or mild soap.*

*Cleo cuffs are not sealed and will oxidize. They can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth, such as a Sunshine Cloth. Another option: combine equal parts lemon juice and water and gently clean the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Gold & Silver Plated Chain


Metal jewelry should be stored in a dry, sealed container with an anti tarnish strip. Avoid humid or wet areas. Allow all liquids to dry before putting your jewelry on. 

Clean plated jewelry with a mild soap or soft cloth. Avoid jewelry polishing clothes unless they are specifically for plated metals as they can strip the finish off your jewelry. Buffing the jewelry with a soft cloth is an easy, safe way to keep it clean. 

14k Gold Filled Necklaces


14k gold filled jewelry is real gold. The core of the piece is brass (lead and nickel free) and it is covered with a thick layer of 14k gold, giving the same look as solid gold, but at a more affordable price point. Gold filled jewelry has 100% more gold than gold plated jewelry.

14k gold filled jewelry can be polished with a soft polishing cloth, such as a blue Sunshine cloth. Follow instructions that come with the cloth. You can purchase them on Amazon.com.

Sterling silver jewelry can tarnish over time. To restore to it's bright, shiny finish simply polish with a Sunshine jewelry polishing cloth.